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    Corrosion defect analysis

    THE STUDY OF CORROSION PHENOMENA: Searching for the cause of premature aging or the incompatibility between a material and its environment

    This type of defect can pose a risk to the reliability and strength of the materials. Understanding corrosion phenomena enables manufacturers to control the risks in relation to the relevant technical and economic issues.

    The capacity to implement the aging tests and analyze the corrosion phenomena involved is a specific feature of the Analyses & Surface laboratory.

    The appearance of traces of corrosion can be a sign of premature aging of a part. Many physico-chemical interactions can be the cause of corrosion. The rigorous understanding of the cause of corrosion allows us to implement optimal preventive and / or corrective actions to counter the aging of assemblies or sub-assemblies.
    Corrosion defect analysis can be used on all types of materials to:
    Observe the nature of corrosion traces on the surface and in the core of the material by optical and electron microscopy;

    Check the conformity of the material used By chemical analysis and characterize its microstructure,

    Confirm the presence of a surface treatment by glow discharge spectrometry (GDMS);

    Determine the type of corrosion (pitting, galvanic, crevice, exfoliation, threadlike, due to stress, hydrogen embrittlement, intergranular, selective, fretting, hot corrosion, etc.);

    To seek the cause of corrosion.

    Application examples :

    Exfoliation corrosion
    Degradation at the base of an aluminium pole

    Mat en aluminium dans son environnement Mat en aluminium dans son environnement Cross-section view Typical lines of an exfoliation corrosion

    Our technical facilities

    Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) - X Microanalysis (EDX)

    Hirox - 3D digital microscope

    Glow discharge spectrometer - GDMS

    Environmental Aging Chambers

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