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FTIR (Fourier Transformed InfraRed Spectroscopy) is based on the absorption of an InfraRed beam by a sample. Sample’s molecules rotate and vibrate at specific frequencies corresponding to discrete energy levels (vibrational modes). Transmitted radiation wavelengths and intensities are measured by the spectrometer, that allows to identify functional groups (C-C, C-H, …), and thus to identify a material.

Exemple d’un spectre IRTF


FTIR BRUKER ALPHA spectrometer

Spectromètre IRTF Module Transmission
Spectromètre IRTF Module ATR Diamant

2 modules :
- Diamond ATR module (reflexion mode)
- Transmission module

Spectral range : 7000 – 400 cm-1

Resolution : jusqu’à 2 cm-1

Minimum size of analysis : 1 mm2

Microscope infrarouge Nicolet™ iN™10

3 modules :
- ATR Germanium (Réflexion mode)
- Transmission Module
- Réflexion Module

Spectral range : 7000 – 600 cm-1

Resolution : jusqu’à 1 cm-1

Minimum size of analysis : 10µm

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