A private laboratory specialized in the analysis, testing and failure analysis of materials since 1993

Tests and study of corrosion phenomena

The ANALYZES AND SURFACE laboratory has within the 6NAPSE Group a cycled chamber with neutral salt spray that can meet many standards and CDC.

The resistance of materials or finished parts to the life cycle is an important criterion in the validation of a design. The choice of metallic materials, treatments or paints is essential in the lifespan of a product and that for many sectors of activity.

Oxidation phenomena or appearance defects are failures that manufacturers want to avoid in order to safeguard the visual, mechanical and functional characteristics of their products.

Many paints and coatings exist to improve the resistance to cyclic corrosion of metal parts. The nuances of the materials are also very numerous (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium,…). A comparison in a multi-physics test of the different choices of materials is essential.

Type of cycling

The resistance of products to multiple conditions is therefore an essential step to validate. The different cycles necessary for the validation of a product can include:

• A neutral salt spray cycle (NSS)
• A forced drying cycle (or forced convection)
• A humidification cycle (Temperature / Humidity)
• A dry air cycle
• A rinsing cycle
• A water spray cycle

With a self-approved Renault Q-LAB Q-FOG CRH 1100 chamber, we have the possibility of testing bulky and heavy parts in cycle salt spray tests.

Materials validation

Associated with our means of observations (photos and light booth), characterization (optical microscopy, colorimetry, shine, etc.), paint resistance (scratches, abrasion, squaring, Scratch Test, adhesion, etc.), we can respond to your requests for support for validation plans (tests in all sectors: automotive, rail, aeronautics, transport, packaging, etc.).

The results of these cyclic tests allow manufacturers to validate the processes and choices, to qualify your suppliers or to determine the corrosion resistance of new products.


NF EN ISO 9227 (DIN 50 021) NSS, AASS, CASS test NF EN 60068-2-11 ; ASTM B117 ; NF EN ISO 60068-2-52 ; ASTM G85 ; PV1208 (SWAAT) ; Volvo VCS 1027_1449, Volvo 423-0014 ; Ford_CETP00.00-L-467 ; RENAULT ECC1 (D172028) ; VW PV1210 ; PSA D13 5486, PSA et Renault D17 1058 ; DIN EN ISO 6270-2 (DIN 50017) ; VDA-Test-621-415 ; EN_ISO_11997-1 cycle B, VDA621-415 ; Nissan M0158 CCT-I, CCT-IV, GMW 14872 ; MIL STD 202F Method 101E4 ; ISO 16701 ; Scania STD4319

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