A private laboratory specialized in the analysis, testing and failure analysis of materials since 1993

The Analyses & Surface CRT is equipped with standardized hardware and has developed the skills to meet the increasingly stringent technical and regulatory requirements (higher temperatures, more aggressive environments, vibration, high stress, high pressures, REACH recommendations or standards, etc.).
These parameters require evaluation and the qualification of coatings and their refractory life according to existing standards.

The advantage of our laboratory is that it can couple MATERIAL AGING-TESTING-CHARACTERIZATION and thus perform all the steps involved in the qualification of surface coatings :

• Aging of materials (Salt spray, Climate chamber, Photo-aging, threadlike corrosion, etc.);
• Adhesion tests (Lamination, Cross-hatching, Evaluation of blistering rate, etc.);
• Mechanical tests (impact test, bending over conical mandrel, slow cupping, abrasion, etc.);
• Hardness tests (Buchholz indentation test, Persoz-König, Vickers, Shore A and D, etc.);
• Characterization of coatings (DSC, FTIR, surface topography, microscopic observation, thickness measurement, Colorimetry, Brightness, etc.);
• Etc.

Our facilities allow us to test according to the currently applicable standards and / or to customer specifications.
RTCA DO-160 NF EN 3365, NF EN ISO 15-18-1, NF EN ISO 1520, NF EN ISO1522, NF EN ISO 2143, NF EN ISO 2409, NF EN ISO 2808, NF EN ISO 2812, NF EN ISO 2815, NF EN ISO 4624, NF EN ISO 4628, NF EN ISO 6272, NF EN ISO 6860, NF EN ISO 16276-2, NFL 16-106, ...

Application examples :

Performance of an adhesion test using a cross hatch cutter
Adhesion according to ISO2409 standard before and after immersion

Aging in climatic chamber
Aging qualification according to temperature and humidity

Examples of associated technical facilities :


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SALT SPRAY CHAMBERS Operating principle A saline solution (prepared with (...)

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Non-contact surface topography measurements

Nanometric Non-contact surface topography measurements Principle Optosurf interferometric (...)

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To complete our installed base of equipment in terms of surface characterization, the (...)

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