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The laboratory is accredited by COFRAC for the performance of neutral salt spray tests (NSS) according to NF EN ISO 9227 and EN ISO 60068-2-11. [See our COFRAC accreditation]->http://www.analyses-surface.com/IMG/pdf/1-1720.pdf]

The durability of a material or a product has always been a central concern of buyers worldwide. Metallic materials have many mechanical advantages which cannot be replaced in many sectors.
The main drawback is their sensitivity to oxidation in a corrosive atmosphere which affects the product in terms of its aesthetics and mechanical properties.

In order to limit the oxidation of metallic materials, it is necessary to choose an appropriate protection (surface treatment or coating) that will remain for the service life of the product.

Salt spray tests are used in the laboratory to verify the corrosion resistance of an assembly or sub-assembly to:

Identify the areas susceptible to corrosion,
Check the effectiveness of a protective coating,
Qualify the choice of surface treatment,
Compare the performance characteristics of parts from different suppliers,
Study the change in corrosion,
• …

Application examples :

Salt spray test – Measurement of oxidation kinetics - Loss in mass over time : ∆m=f(t)

More about ...

The characterization of surface coatings

Salt spray test - Comparison / Choice of surface treatment

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