A private laboratory specialized in the analysis, testing and failure analysis of materials since 1993

ANALYSES & SURFACE help provide solutions in the field of materials.
Our experience, our experts and our solutions are able to help industrialists in the issues involved in the development of a material, a process or a system. For us, setting up a project suitable for its scale and the industrial is essential.
We also provide support in drafting specifications for qualification, re-design, new test methods or implementation of the solution.

We intervene in the whole development cycle of a product.

We can also adapt a solution to multi-failure analysis needs requiring the networking of in-house and external skills.

The activities carried out in this context are eligible for the research tax credit (CIR) (at present).

Examples of projects carried out or in progress :

SIEMSTACK: Electrical Interposer Solutions for a Stacker Module

SIEMSTACK involves the design and manufacture of an innovative electrical interconnection solution for the aeronautics industry. The solution studied in this project is designed to electrically connect parallel circuit boards (PCBs) or ceramic multi-chip-type components (MCM) in a small volume subject to high thermal stress.

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