A private laboratory specialized in the analysis, testing and failure analysis of materials since 1993

We assist manufacturers in implementing the simulation approach.
This methodology offers many advantages, especially upstream and downstream of the product life cycle.

It enables:
- Simulation of the pre-development and pre-dimensioning of products, thus avoiding the production of physical prototypes.
- Virtual optimization of qualification tests and solutions even before physical production.
- Conducting extensive testing while limiting the costs associated with the development of a product.

Application examples :

Mechanical resistance

We use Code_Aster and Radioss software to carry out static calculations (linear or nonlinear) of mechanical resistance. The applications are numerous :
- Evaluating stress concentrations under loading
- Evaluating the deflection in response to an effort
- Dimensioning a structure below its elastic limit
- Calculating a lattice structure, a framework, an assembly, etc.

Design optimization
We use digital optimization techniques to help our customers design new products or improve existing products. A typical application is the lightening of an iso-performance structure. Below is an example of the result of topological optimization on a plastic chair :
- In the wireframe, the initial mesh of the field of study
- In red, the areas to be favored in the design
- In dark blue, areas where the material is of little use

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