A private laboratory specialized in the analysis, testing and failure analysis of materials since 1993

This custom test bench allows us to carry out endurance tests on pipes or hoses independently or simultaneously. It is used to subject the components to several constraints combined to accelerate the aging of the parts by reproducing their life cycles.

Any failure modes can then be highlighted.

This test can be used to qualify or test flexible or rigid hoses for the automotive industry according to your specifications or to manufacturers’ approval specifications.

The parameters that can be controlled are:

Internal constraints :
o Pressure: From -0.4 to 8 bar relative, trapezoidal or sine curve
o Air temperature: Ambient to 200°C.

External constraints:
o Temperature: -80 to 200°C;
o Moisture: 0 to 99% RH;

Mechanical stresses:
o linear Displacements: adjustable frequency and stroke (150 mm max)._

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