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Temperature and humidity have an effect on the service life of a material or a product. The choice of suitable materials is paramount, and depends on the environmental conditions in which your products are to be used.

Conducting cycle or thermal shock tests allows us to qualify or control the change in parts under conditions tailored to your specifications or according to existing standards.

At the end of these tests, which can be carried out controlling the temperature and humidity, it is possible to observe the changes in an assembly or sub-assembly to:

Identify the areas susceptible to aging,
Check the effectiveness of a protective coating,
Qualify the performance characteristics of a container,
Compare the performance characteristics of parts from different suppliers,
Assess the change in colorimetry and / or brilliance,
• …

Application examples :

Monitoring the performance of a container
Impact of thermal cycling on the resistance of the container -> Appearance of cracks and traces of oxidation on the parts

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The characterization of surface coatings

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