A private laboratory specialized in the analysis, testing and failure analysis of materials since 1993

Materials laboratory Analyses et Surface

Created in 1993, the Analyses and Surface Technological Research Centre (CRT) provides industry with an operational platform for the study of materials. Our facilities provide a framework for coupling materials characterization tools with environmental aging means.
Our center’s main task is to support companies and the laboratories in their everyday problems (Failure analyses, Diagnostics, Tests on Specifications, etc.).
Our laboratory above all consists of:
- A team of materials experts whose main task is to help industrialists to identify the nature and origin of defects in order to implement corrective or preventive actions.
- Leading-edge analytical means facilities ;

Analyses et Surface is located in Normandy.

Industry support

The experience gained by our doctors, engineers and technicians enables us to carry out failure analyses on all types of materials (metal, polymer, glass, ceramics, etc.))
Our human size and scale enables direct contacts between our technical staff and the industrialists.


The laboratory is ISO 9001 certified and accredited by the French Accreditation Committee (COFRAC). For our customers this ensures the relevance and reliability of our work in meeting their deadlines and our commitments.
Companies of all sizes in various fields of activity trust our laboratory, which processes some 1,600 cases per year for more than 260 corporate clients, covering every market sector.

Complete offer

The laboratory has created, with CEVAA, the 6NAPSE Group in order to offer complementary services to materials expertise for the Industry: vibro-acoustic expertise, simulation, tests, sealing, chemical analysis and heat treatment.

For more information, contact us directly to exchange technically on your project !