A private laboratory specialized in the analysis, testing and failure analysis of materials since 1993

Knowing the morphology and dimensioning of parts, surface layers, paints, or grains... is critical for controlling an industrial process. It is therefore important to know or control these parameters in order to validate the methods used in their production.

Microscopic observations of the morphology of powders or materials,
• Macroscopic and microscopic surface and cross-sectional dimensional measurements,
• Observation of the microstructure and Measurement of grain size,
• Characterization of visual defects (bumps or hollows, size, morphology)
• Surface condition and Roughness (Ra, Rt, Rq, etc.) by non-contact surface topography,
• Characterization of the size of particles in powders or liquids by laser granulometry,
• …

Application examples :

Dimensional characterization of surface treatment
Surface and cross-sectional characterization by SEM

Control of the roughness parameters (Ra, Sa, Rq, Sq, Rt, St, Rz, etc.) on an optical glass

Determination of roughness parameters and characterization of the surface condition

More about ...

Visual defects

Analysis of the particle size of a powder

Determination of particle size distribution and analysis of particle shape

Examples of associated technical facilities :

Scanning Electron Microscopy & EDS Microanalysis

This equipment can quickly provide information on the morphology and elemental composition of a (...)

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Non-contact surface topography measurements

Nanometric Non-contact surface topography measurements Principle Optosurf interferometric (...)

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Optical Microscope

Operating principle: 360-degree view of samples, without touching or moving them, Recording (...)

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The measurement of the distribution of a product by laser particle size cannot always explain (...)

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