A private laboratory specialized in the analysis, testing and failure analysis of materials since 1993

A part of forensic examinations and/or dispute resolution, an expert must call upon a service provider or specialist advisor laboratory to conductimpartial and technical investigations. In the ANALYSES & SURFACE laboratory, the expert finds the skills and the means with which to analyze all types of materials (metallic, mineral, organic), particularly in the fields of civil engineering, building/housing or industry.

Our teams go to the litigation site to carry out the sampling needed to carry out the forensic examination in order to ensure the integrity and consistency of the samples.
Taking into account the various elements, damage and external constraints allow the development of a technical and commercial offer suitable for the situation. Our experts draw on nearly 25 years of experience, our installed base of equipment and advanced characterization techniques (SEM-EDX, FTIR, Microtomography X, DRX, DSC, etc.) and a network of partner laboratories.
The laboratory’s findings and the flagrance of failure phenomena after the analyses provide the lead expert with a complete answer to the dispute. The results can be reviewed with the parties at the request of the expert.

Finally, the ANALYSES & SURFACE laboratory relies on its Quality system and accreditation (ISO9001/17025) in order to ensure the relevance of the experts’ services and the confidentiality of their work.

Here are examples of the scope of intervention of the ANALYSES & SURFACE laboratory as part of the failure of a material :
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Application examples :

Corrosion phenomenon
Degradation at the base of an aluminium pole

Detachment of a coating
Peeling of paint after the installation of metal barriers

Examples of associated technical facilities :

X-Rays Microtomography

Principle The X-beam passes through the sample, and is then collected by a detector. The X-ray (...)

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Vibrational spectrometry IRTF et RAMAN

Principle FTIR (Fourier Transformed InfraRed Spectroscopy) is based on the absorption of an (...)

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Scanning Electron Microscopy & EDS Microanalysis

This equipment can quickly provide information on the morphology and elemental composition of a (...)

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Optical Microscope

Operating principle: 360-degree view of samples, without touching or moving them, Recording (...)

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