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Finding a defect on a chip card and its components can be very long and difficult due to the size of the various existing electronic components. The occurrence of a fault even within a component can make its characterization difficult because of its size and the ability to disassemble it. Industrialists must be able to carry out the investigations required to solve the problem in order to understand the origin of the short circuit.

Our facilities allow us to locate the fault using destructive or non-destructive methods.

The observations and characterizations we perform allow us to:

Precisely locate the fault (even within an electronic component) by determining the shape and dimensions;

• To analyze the surface or cross-sectional defect by optical and electron microscopy, to perform elemental analysis to identify the cause of the failure.

Application example :

Analysis of a defect within a thermistor
Highlighting the defect by X-ray microtomography

Localisation du corps étranger au niveau de la thermistance
Plan d observation

Characterization of the defect by elemental analysis

Cliché du plan d observation par microscopie électronique
Observation du corps étranger
Analyse élémentaire pour identification

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